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Ponds & Water Features

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Nothing enhances beauty and relaxation quite like the element of water. Listen to the soothing sounds of a waterfall, find joy in watching the plants and fish in your pond, or see how a show stopping fountain can become the focal point of your garden. No matter your budget or layout, we can help you incorporate a pond or water feature that will transform your space.

Our pond and water feature services include:

  • Design and construction of lawn ponds, waterfalls and water features
  • Installation of fountains, aeration systems, pumps and liners
  • Algae, vegetation and water quality management of ponds, including bluing
  • Pond fish

Residential Ponds & Water Features

Let us help you transform your yard from a place you love to a place you’ll never want to leave. Simple landscapes, sprawling yards, cozy gardens — the right water feature can make nearly any space feel calm and relaxing. Whether you’re starting from scratch or refurbishing an existing piece, we can help.

Contact us today for a free estimate on any of our residential services, including water feature design and pond repair and maintenance.

Commercial Ponds & Water Features

Add a truly memorable element to your property. McClurg Environmental can help, from design to maintenance, ensuring your pond or water feature will be attractive for years to come.

Check out all of the commercial services we offer, and contact us to speak with a pond and water feature specialist.

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